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    Freelance or Contract

    You've got the vision but have a deadline; we provide the talent to make it happen- for short projects or extended engagements.


    Short on time and resources but still want control? Let us take a little off your plate: identifying, screening, and/or candidate shortlisting.

    Executive Search

    Rely on the search option when deadlines are tight and it's one of those "needle in a haystack roles" or there is a need to secure talent with different perspectives and you'd like us to complete the entire search on your behalf.

    Additional Options

    Targeted Sourcing Strategy



    Employer Branding Campaign Development


    Candidate Pipe Lining


    Reference Checking

  • About

    Hi~ My name is Melanie Stern. I'm the "Melanie" in Melanie Recruits. But there’s a story….


    Some people (okay, me) are just born to be recruiters. From a young age, we're the outgoing, curious ones who talk a lot, listen well, want to know the details, and are totally driven to help others. And that's exactly what I've done for the past 20 years: first for other staffing companies and in a corporate environment and then, craving independence, for myself.


    Working for yourself is fantastic (I'm a great boss!) but I can't offer everything I want to offer all by myself. With that in mind, I fill in the gaps by partnering with some of the greatest recruiting professionals on the planet. Like me, they're experts in identifying, engaging and assessing candidates with different perspectives, often from around the world.


    I'm a generalist and recruit professional candidates across all industries. When we recruit in the advertising space, I specialize in Strategy, Media, Client Services and Executive roles while they secure F&A, Creative, and Technical candidates.


    Oh, by the way, in case one-stop shopping is your thing, all of us recruit throughout North America and have networks that extend to Latin America, Europe and Asia/PAC.


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    email: melanie@melanierecruits.com

    mobile: 1+ 248-250-1368